Time Savers

These are some smart looking (and thinking) gadgets.

Check out these unique pieces of equipment designed to help barista’s get you your coffee quicker.

What a milky beast – check them out online

The Moobar – not only is this gadget sleek looking, it’s also environmentally friendly and easy to use. The Moobar connects to large milk vats/cartons which significantly reduces the amount of milk cartons you use in a day. Thanks to the refrigerated lines, it only has to be cleaned out once a week. It can program up to five different pour lengths and hooks up to two different milk types. We’re in love!

The Puqpress – automatic, fully programmable tamping machine to give you consistency with every tamp. It has a two-tamp system, the first tamp softly presses down to distribute the grinds and the second is to compress the coffee into a firm puck. Saving your poor little hands and biceps from the tamping curl!

puqpress close up
The Puqpress – read more here

Coffee Catcha – this little device sits on the portafilter and acts as a funnel, catching any loose grinds into the basket. Pretty nifty!

Learn more about this little guy here

Tell us what gadgets work for you or what you’d like to see in cafes by leaving a comment!

Get in touch if you’d like to test-drive or purchase any cool gadgets … we know some people who know some people who could probably get you a good price.

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