New Cafe Start-up

So you think you want to start a café…

You’re not alone. We get heaps of people coming to us for advice on how to start a new business and we’re always more than happy to share our best tips.

While ditching the 9-5 and starting your business venture sounds exhilarating, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into making your new business successful.

We suggest doing some (or all) of the following;

  • Business Plan!
    • Write one, even if it’s a scribble on a napkin (some of the very best are)
  • Get a consultant on board, someone you trust and someone who believes in your ideas
  • Plan your direction & plan for growth
  • Make big decisions
    • Are you going to purchase an existing business or start a new one? Who is your target market? What role will you take in the business and how many people will you have working for/with you?
Question : what coffee will you serve, who is the perfect supplier for your business, what machinery do you want to work with, and have you thought about brew methods?
  • Decide on your concept
    • start simple, do fewer things but blow people’s expectations out of the water
  • Build your brand
    • What is your new business ethos? What does your café brand stand for and what do you set out to change about the industry/community/world by trading?
Question : what is your product offering, what is your specialty, what will you be known for? Photography by Amanda Alessi
  • Partner with like-minded people
    • The people you work with should echo your own brand ethos, morals and practices
  • Build a community
    • Get the people around you to feel as passionately as you do about your goals… they will help you achieve them and together you’ll build a network with your new business at the center.
Photography by Amanda Alessi

For more information or tips get in touch with one of our café consultants in our consultancy team at Grouch & Co. Contact us via the online inquiry form on the website

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