Grouch Tech, Barista Style

The Puqpress was used for a day. The neat bit of kit is an automatic tamper, with settings from 10kgs of force all the way to 30kgs, and we borrowed this high-tech gear from Espresso Works to see what all the fuss is about.

The Puqpress, we played with this techy piece for a day (thanks Espresso Works!)

The Puqpress is able to consistently and quickly tamp a basket of coffee to the pre-set force every time! Something that humans really can’t do, no matter how hard we try, it’s really difficult to match the consistency and accuracy of the Puqpress.

One of the most important factors when preparing our coffee is to make sure we are tamping level, this will ensure an even extraction of the coffee, resulting in a super tasty coffee for our customers! The accuracy of the Puqpress will also help improve inter-barista consistency, meaning that every barista behind the machine is able to reproduce the same tamp, every time!

We also played with the techy OCD distributor by ONA

However, what the Puqpress isn’t able to do is distribute the coffee grinds in the basket, this is normally be done by us, the barista. At Grouch it’s done by tapping the side of the basket to level and evenly distribute the coffee, followed by a tap on the tamping mat to knock out any air bubbles, this helps even out the coffee before tamping to ensure an even extraction, which is one of the most important factors in producing the tastiest spro we can. However, being human we can’t reproduce every single time. This is where the ONA OCD distributor comes in, designed and produced by Sasa Sestic, world barista champion and owner of ONA coffee. The device is designed to level and distribute the coffee the same, every time it’s used. Like the Puqpress, it eliminates human error and inconsistencies.

All to get that perfect pour…

With such devices there is one major problem which baristas face: that is having our skill set replaced by machines and devices. This is a common happening across multiple industries as we all know that humans aren’t consistent and machines can redo the same tasks over and over again without asking for a lunch break or trying to claim workers comp when they get carpel tunnel from tamping coffee all day. As a barista I enjoy being able to use my skill to make delicious coffee, and don’t exactly want to be replaced by the cute little Puqpress. On the bright side it does give us more time to chat to the customers about the coffee. So we have a tasty coffee and a happy customer! Win Win!

Grouch & Co coffee bliss

By Matt

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