Sniff Dating

Let’s not pretend we have evolved passed our animal instinct. I like your stench, you like mine… so let’s f**k.

sniff dating pic 4
… you don’t look like what I thought you smelt like…

In London last month, stranger’s congregated to blind sniff each other’s armpits in the hopes of finding a compatible mate.

sniff dating pic 3
Put the bag on your face, and get sniffing

It is kinda scientifically proven that we are attracted to the way other people smell. What one person may find horrendous to endure, another might find it a major turn-on. To be honest, the thought of sniffing a stranger’s armpit makes us feel a bit uneasy but we can relate to the instinctive urge to pounce when something delicious is near.

The event, Romancing the Armpit, held at the Alcoholic Architecture bar in central London last month, saw singles donning paper bags (with eyes, mouth and, of course, nose holes cut out) and paper cups used as sniffing devise smelling stranger’s armpits and scoring them out of 10 in the hopes of finding a compatible mate.

We couldn’t help but LOL when we heard about this. Our favourite was the comment from the compere who said “I’m hoping there’s a wide spread of armpit tactics,” he said. “Some people who maybe have not washed at all and allowed their pungent hormones to come out,” he said according to the Mmmmmm descriptive.

sniff dating pic 2
Hi, nice to meet you, wanna smell my armpit?

We prefer the smell of coffee … but hey, we’re all different and we’re cool with that.


Let’s not kid ourselves. Armpit dating is clearly not an anomaly, this happens in many a club around the world on a daily basis. Hands up, who’s been there!

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  1. thesmilingpilgrim says:

    Lol nice bags


    1. Grouch Life says:

      haha @thesmilingpilgrim just what we thought 😉


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