It’s ok to wet your pants in public… at Comedy Fest.

Perth Comedy Festival 2016 has been a hoot. With classic acts like Axis of Awesome, Jimeoin, Matt Okine and Aunty Donna performing live, there is no excuse not to get amongst it.

Aunty Donna pink
Aunty Donna. 

We’ve posted them before as a get-us-over-the-line Hump-Day laugh. Last night, we got to see them in the sweaty flesh. Aunty Donna, you bloody beauty.

It was their first time performing in Perth, and the crowd last night at the Perth Town Hall totally indulged the hilarious threesome.

Starting off the show with some ‘crowd warming’ exercises was a great way to interact with the audience. This simple and effective exercise widely employed by stage artists, was Aunty Donna-fied with Zach, Broden and Mark spelling out the effect with a talk-you-through-it singsong parody. Which prompted a flashback of every hip-hop artist I’ve seen live, attempting to engage with the audience. We were hooked already.


If you haven’t seen any Aunty Donna skits before (we were virgins until a few months ago and now we are dirty, dirty Aunty Donna whorebags), you probably wouldn’t be feeling anxious as a crowd member. We were. Their uncensored humour has a tendency to take a turn. Where that turn will lead is always a mystery and the path to get there is imaginative, hilarious, relate-able and relevant. And I have to say, I’ve never felt that ‘gone too far’ feeling. It is in no way clean humour, but it’s light and fun, silly and absurd. At some points I was literally thinking ‘what the hell is going on! Oh who cares, just keep it coming you high-energy knitwits!’ Watching them was more of a guided tour with a twist… the twist being you end up in a pool of your own urine.

Aunty Donna magnum
Zach and Mark. So lickable.  

The former Art Academy students formed their group in 2011 with their first show, Aunty Donna in Pantsuits, debuting in 2012. The guys have done countless sketches – search on YouTube and wave goodbye to half the day – and live shows all over the place. Being part of the crowd for their first Perth show was a thrill.

Witnessing first-hand their ability to improvise and work together to feed off energy and cues only added to the hilarity. If things didn’t go right, they were honest about it, which made us connect with them on a more human level, as though we were on the ride with them. Seeing them trying not to laugh made us laugh harder.

Aunty Donna gold suit
Zach, Broden and Mark; Aunty Donna in their golden glory

Being able to transport an audience through imagination is such a powerful tool. We were completely transported to Picky Dicky Doo’s brother’s house and, as fate would have it, heaven, during a modem reconnection with Dodo. Now if that’s not talent…

Yes, some of it is pure toilet humour (which I grew up on) like the Whoopie Cushion skit – but it’s how they execute it that makes it so freakin’ hilarious – honest and fun. You’re along for the ride and you’re totally aware that your drivers don’t give a shit about the road rules. It’s exhilarating.


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